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Proprietary technology platform for personalized cell therapy development

How our technology works.

Creative tools to PREDICT evolutionarily likely molecular events that are constrained by fundamental biology. 

 While evolution is stochastic, there are biological guard-rails, specifically when it comes to the immune system that maintain what is probable (likely to occur) versus what is possible (everything and nothing). We leverage evolutionary principles and in silico modeling to generate evolutionarily designed constructs for translation through preclinical development to first-in-human testing.

DioMEDe Sciences has created a proprietary platform to create biological based drugs and cell therapies.  We are reducing the time to first-in-human testing from several years to months. Because of our Deep-Tech we are democratizing science and creating complete transparency across the industry. Our blockchain technology can provide regulatory bodies with direct access to all of our data in a secure and transparent manner. 

Our approach results in the true creation of the first cryptographic healthcare marketplace.  

Our solution is computationally aided drug design and deployment.  

  • Combining Deep-Tech with the wet-laboratory, and translational research into the clinic will continue to drive efficiencies, cost savings, and reduce developmental bottlenecks; thus, creating more opportunities to cure disease and extend life. 
  • Our approach is to expand our existing technologies for creating novel biologics & cell therapies that will provide lifesaving therapies at affordable prices. 
  • We are expanding our approaches to the wetlab and clinic focusing curing rare pediatric cancers.
  • These cures will have the largest impact on lifespan extension. Providing a 12 year old child with up to 7+ decades of life will be a remarkable achievement. 
  • Within process development, we are creating tools to increase efficiencies in the manufacturing of cell therapies and critical supply chain management to create an end-to-end process from discovery to the patient bedside. 


While our pipeline is proprietary, it spans a series of novel targets focused on solid tumor biology within pediatric osteosarcomas (POS) that also play a role in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). A significant value is that our blockchain protected assets are real intellectual property (IP).

We are in discussions to deploy our technology with a global device company. This company is developing a bench side cell manufacturing device for on-demand personalized medicine. They also have a deep passion for POS and PDAC. This allows us to be one of the first to sample a tumor from a patient, screen for optimized biological characteristics, and begin treating the patient with custom designed living therapies to provide durable tumor erosion, remission and lifelong protection against the disease.


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