Invest in AI Designed Drugs with Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Building therapeutics is expensive and time consuming. Our technology platform de-risks the discovery process to first-in-human testing; thus, saving time and money. Ultimately, we are able to design safer and more efficacious therapies.

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The patients needs must come first

We provide creative solutions from concept to the clinic supported by DioMEDe sciences and in collaboration with Foraker Data Management and AdAk-AI. We use state of the art Deep-Learning algorithms coupled with blockchain technologies to design, develop and deploy therapeutic molecules to treat some of the most devastating diseases affecting humankind. 

Our collaboration approach creates new marketplaces for commercialization and reduces costs for patients. While big pharma views the payer as the customer, the patient is our customer. 

Meet DioMEDe,

Solutions for the most difficult problems in healthcare


Quality drug development

Quality drug development processes require reporting of legitimate and authenticated preclinical data and clinical trials data that can be undermined by tampering, lack of transparency or other forms of misconduct. Blockchain technology, a secure, immutable and distributed ledger of records is an ideal solution that will enhance the transparency and authenticity of data and supply chains to the patient. Each transaction on blockchain is time-stamped which will enable easy tracing of the entire end-to-end process providing ease of auditing and the regulatory review process by regulatory agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All data from concept through commercialization are stored in IPFS and hashed to the blockchain network. Reviewers and auditors can be given access to review the metadata.



A platform that will guarantee transparency of data obtained during drug development using blockchain technology that ultimately will lead to quality drug product(s).


Proper engagement of research reviewers/regulatory authorities to approve data 


Easy tracing of the process over Blockchain as transactions are time-stamped. 


Ascertaining proof of work and an ownership of the research product in terms of intellectual property. 


A marketplace to engage stakeholders, researchers, and patients to collaborate and work towards quality drug development. 

What technology we use?


Blockchain is distributed ledger technology behind cryptocurrency and provides a secure method to move and validate the transaction enabling cryptocurrencies to exist. The growing list of records called blocks are linked together using cryptography.

Smart contract

Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met and smart contracts are like normal contracts written as code that define rules. Automated execution when conditions are met between parties (seller and buyer). With smart contracts, transactions are transparent, traceable and irreversible.  

Decentralized exchange

A decentralized exchange (or DEX) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur directly between crypto traders without any intermediary handling the management of their funds. The transactions are facilitated through use of self executing agreements called smart-contracts. DEXs transactions are settled directly on blockchain rather than recording on the exchange’s internal database as in centralized exchanges. 


Cryptography is the study of techniques used for securing communication using enciphering and deciphering of messages. Cryptography is using math to design algorithms which makes it easy for people with certain information (key, pin number, passphrase, fingerprint, facial features, etc.) to access other information (passwords in password managers, sensitive information, access to making transactions on websites, etc).

NFT's use in DioMEDe

  • Fundraising commercially for the drug development even at the starting phase of the project.
  • Create a marketplace to engage stakeholders, researchers, patients to collaborate and work towards drug development. 
  • Create a fundraising strategy and tokenomics according to the drug development plan. 
  • Researchers and Laboratory previous success, drug development plan, drug benefits will play a major role in getting funds. 


Advantages of blockchain in DioMEDe



The research results stored on blockchain can not be tampered to provide legitimacy of research results. 



The clinical trials output can be stored on blockchain directly to provide transparency.



Decentralization solves trust issues, system failure and malicious attacks etc  as multiple nodes are responsible to validate any transaction/research results.



Use of cryptography techniques and consensus mechanisms make blockchain secure.



Blockchain technology provides a platform to ensure quality at all steps of drug development.


We build technology to solve
problems and drives discovery

We are the first Web3.0 integrated Biopharmaceutical company.

Our technology is the future of healthcare.

We are driven by altruism. 

We believe in creating cures and extending life.

We are fully transparent and patient focused.


Chris Parjaszewski

Co-Founder, Innovator & Leader

“Technologies are my passion, my personal rule is to learn something new every day”

Richard Fox Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Scientist & Entrepreneur

“My philosophy 1) the patients needs must always come first and 2) lead people and manage ideas”

Slawomir Ziegert


An experiened international entrepreneur with proven track record in CEE, Asia especially concentrated on driving change management, searching for business opportunities, solving problems, creating the sense of resilience, recruting nad motivating new teams, presenting abilities to build business relations across Poland and other countries.  

Rafał Gnojnicki


Professional manager with 24 years of comprehensive experience in successful building sales structures, partnership and business development in local and international environment. Founder of capital group operating in innovative technology sector (life science, IT).

Mirosław Miller


“By education I am a specialist in physical and inorganic chemistry. However, as a result of many years of diverse experience at home and abroad, I have a much broader professional profile.”


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